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  • Doug Rice
    Used Car Manager

    Doug Rice is a native Vermonter who loves sports and drinking coffee. Doug is a bowler in two bowling leagues and an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Celtics. He enjoys going out to his favorite restaurant, Soup-N'-Greens in Barre, VT, and his favorite place to travel is to Las Vegas, NV. Doug likes working at 802 Toyota because of the people he works with. Doug is married, has seven children, 17 grandchildren with one more on the way, and four Chihuahua's!

  • Dan O'Connor
    Used Car Sales Consultant

    Dan O'Connor is a Manhattan College graduate who has lived in Vermont for just one year, and has spent time living in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Dan's favorite food is seafood, his favorite restaurant is The Palm on Second Ave and the best concert he's been to was his wife's choral society's concert at Avery Fisher Hall. He loves to watch football, play golf and enjoys a fun dance to Tom Petty's American Girl. Come to 802 Toyota and ask Dan about his trips to every state in the Union.

  • Samuel Wright
    Certified Sales and Leasing Consultant
    (802) 224-7240

    Sam Wright, a graduate from Paul Smith's College as well as St. Johnsbury Academy is a huge X Games fan and amateur photographer. His favorite band is Sublime (all of their songs are his favorites) and his most prized possession is his car, which is a '99 Subaru Legacy Wagon. For more fun info about Sam click here!

  • Corey Morine
    Used Car Sales Consultant

    Corey Morine has lived in Vermont since July of 2013, and has spent time living in Oregon, Chicago, Virginia, Boston and Bahrain. Educated in the U.S. Navy in Guns and Radar, Corey was able to travel both below the Equator and above the Arctic circle while serving. A man of many skills, Corey makes his own beer and hard cider, and also has the special talent of primitive fire making.

    If Corey were a car, he'd be a "Tacoma double, because I brush up well enough to go into town, but I prefer to be working in the woods." He loves selling cars because he gets to hear everyone's stories and meet new people, and he particularly enjoys selling the used Corolla.

    Come see Corey at 802UsedCars.com today, and make sure to ask him about the tallest tree he's ever climbed!